The first Under The Lonely Tree image being offered as a limited edition print is "Watching, Together"


This stunning image will be presented on an Astral Panel, which I feel is the very best way to

bring the colour and drama to life. The panels are just 1.5mm thick but feature a 25mm

deep aluminium subframe so that the panels sit proud from the wall. Unlike many other

aluminium products, the image is transferred in a pressurised heat process, turning the dyes

into gas and permanently dyeing the aluminium panel – resulting in an ultra gloss panel

with outstanding vibrancy, contrast and detail.


The Astral Panels are complete, frame-less pieces that are ready to hang on the wall.

Watching, Together will be available as a limited run of 40 10x12 inch prints for £85

The purchase link will be live in the next few days. Please leave your contact details if you'd like to be notified, or reserve a copy



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